Toyota Supra 2015 Price and Everything about the Car You Have to Know

Toyota Supra 2015 price and other official information regarding Toyota Supra may be irrelevant since the new edition will be no longer called as “Supra”.

Since the official information related to 2015 Toyota Supra is still a rumor or hearsay, we surely cannot guarantee that the 2015 Toyota Supra and other aspects are already fixed. In fact, you may have heard the rumour revolving around the Toyota Supra that it may be continued as Toyota FT-1, which is still listed as concept car. The Toyota FT-1 concept itself will be heavily influenced by Celica aka Supra, 2000 GT, and FT-86.

2015 Toyota Supra and Other Information

Again and again, we emphasize that there will be no 2015 Toyota Supra and other official information related to the presence of Supra lineup, including Toyota Supra 2015 interior and Toyota Supra 2015 specs. After being discontinued after the 2012 Toyota Supra, the Toyota FT-1 concept itself hints that the new sports car Toyota plan to build with BMW will be no longer called “Supra”, actually.

Wait, BMW? Ah… yes. You may have heard rumors talking about Toyota and BMW working together in building cars. In fact, this rumor revolving around the 2015 Toyota Supra is no longer a new one. It is shown by the finalization of partnership by January 2013 along with the information obtained from Nikkei Asian Review. The plans emerge as the next-gen BMW Z4 is already planned to be released along with the revival of Toyota Supra, which was produced within 1978 to 2002 timespan following the end of Toyota 2000GT production.

The Possible Successor of 2015 Toyota Supra

Another rumor revolving around the FT-1 is that it will be released with expensive price tag. The talks of the town even mention that the time when Toyota FT-1 is finally mass produced, the price may exceed Chevy Corvette Stingray. It means the successor of 2015 Toyota Supra may start from more than $50,000 MSRP.

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