Nissan Leaf 2015 the Affordable Eco-Friendly 5-Passenger Hatchback

Nissan Leaf 2015 is one of new electric cars that are still one of the best choices you can get, especially if affordable electric car is what you desire.

The 2015 Nissan Leaf is a great proof that going eco-friendly does not always have to be costly. Nissan’s hybrid car just gets as iconic as Toyota Prius. Aside from that, we should thank to Nissan Leaf’s affordable price that successfully makes hybrid going mainstream. Overall, 2015 Leaf is just another 5-passenger hatchback that runs greenly and one of 2015 electric cars worth to note, even though it still retains some weak points that make it no choice for all… at least yet.

2015 Nissan Leaf Engine Specifications

Under the hood, the Nissan Leaf 2015 is equipped with 80-kW lithium-ion battery and 107-hp motor to power the front wheels through the single-speed transmission. The hybrid engine can reach up to 187 lb.-ft. of torque even from zero rpm. Thus, the hybrid hatchback thus can run from naught to 60 mph in about 10 seconds along with the top speed of 90 mph.

The time required to recharge the engine depends on the trim level you choose. The basic Nissan Leaf’s 3.6-kW battery requires 8 hours while the 6.6-kW battery option for Leaf S and standard for Leaf SV and Leaf SL requires 5 hours. For really fast charging time, Nissan Leaf SL has Fast Charge receptacle that can recharge 80 percent of capacity only in 30 minutes. However, to recharge the 110-volt outlet, you may need more than 20 hours, which appears to be the main drawback.

Driving Nissan Leaf 2015

The 2015 Leaf review notes the driving impression as mostly unremarkable, however it is in the best possible way. As expected from an electric car, this hatchback is also equipped with quick initial acceleration. Opt for Eco driving mode if you want to reduce the motor output. The B-Mode, which is now made standard for base Leaf 2015, improves the aggressiveness and feels handy if the Nissan Leaf needs to run in long downhill.

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