New Lexus GS 350 2016 Model Quick Review

New Lexus GS 350 2016 model is a luxurious vehicle from the famous brand Lexus. It’s a sedan with the four-seating on the inside. Using the great engine on there, the 2016 model is about the improvement of the previous version.

Here is the New Lexus GS 350 2016 model that will bring you a new appearance of the Lexus sedan series. This sedan will release at this middle end of 2015. With the new improvements, it will become a good series of the Lexus. Well, Lexus is always consistent on creating the amazing sedan car with its beautiful design. Of course, you will get the new enhanced engine without leaving the style. The GS 350 model is actually bring a smooth riding sensation. The situation inside the cabin also has its special warm nuance. Of course, you will not disappointed with this sedan.

2016 Lexus GS 350 and Its Engine

The Lexus GS 350 specs will be improved in a new system. The exterior appearance of this sedan has its good design using the fabulous design. The shiny layout on this sedan is also good side that will bring you into the next step of the glamour. There is also a great headlight lamp on the front head. The windows on this car are also large enough with its special tinting effect. It has the body weight that will make this car runs in such a smooth riding. You will get that satisfaction feeling when you try out this car. Talking about the specification of this sedan, here is several specification that might makes you interested.

The 2016 model of this GS 350 2016 will use the V8 Naturally Aspirated 5.0L engine. This kind of engine will enhance the performance of this beautiful sedan. It also produces the 467 Horsepower at 7,100 RPM. What an amazing speed! Moreover, the tire size of this model will use F: 255/35/19 R: 275/35/19. For the brakes, it will use F: 14.9-inch Rotors + 6 Piston Calipers | R: 13.5-inch Rotors + 4 Piston Calipers. Of course, you will get an amazing design on here.

New Lexus GS 350 2016 Model Price and Offers

This Lexus GS 350 for sale has a nice offer start from $66,995. It’s a good Lexus GS 350 price with its amazing satisfaction factor. Riding the luxurious car is about the prestige, right?

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