New Land Rover Defender 2016 Defending the Bumpy Grounds

New Land Rover Defender 2016 will appear on the new style. It will get the new look of the strong vehicle with its beautiful design. Shiny with its strong impression, that is the good description of the new series.

The new Land Rover Defender 2016 is a good Land Rover collection that will enhance its power and ability. As the strong vehicle series, the Land Rover keeps consistent on making the modern Jeep series. You can see the different “Jeep” style on Land Rover. The Defender 2016 has its good prediction as the engine will improved into amazing and special performance. Everything is about the power. You will get it even on the first sight on the Land Rover collections.

Modern Touch without Losing the Power

For the new Land Rover Defender 2016, there some issues that it will become in SUV version. However, the Land Rover Defender update will still come on its basic vehicle as the strong vehicle series. It doesn’t matter whether the new version will become SUV or not, the most important is about on its engine. Some Land Rover Defender review told that this new series would apply the double chassis. This double chassis will make a strong and stiff layout. It will use 2.0-litre, four-cylinder Ingenium petrol and diesel engines.

That is the great engine for the new Land Rover series. From the design, the exterior will wrapped using the shiny material. It will get the modern appearance. The headlight and the tail light will also use the bright LED lamp. It’s a good concept for the modern era. Of course, the energy saving is currently become issues that the producer tries to make an earth-friendly vehicle. There is lot of Land Rover for sale if you want to get close about
this car.

Release Date Still Mysterious

The release date for the new Land Rover is still become mystery. It’s expected on the last 2015. Hopefully, the price range is also still suit with its powerful design. The Land Rover is actually a great vehicle for the adventurous travel. It has strong engine with its good machine. No one can doubt about its good performance. It seems like the modern Jeep vehicle with its sporty look and amazing appearance. For sure, the new Land Rover Defender 2016 will make the Land Rover lover waits in impatience.

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