New Honda Accord 2016 Sedan Classic Sedan with the Modern Touch

New Honda Accord 2016 sedan will remain you on the Accord series from Honda. With the new modern touch, now the Accord 2016 will get its improvement on the engine, design and performance. Don’t ask about its elegance. No one will doubt about it.

The new 2016 Honda Accord sedan is a new concept from Honda to bring the classic sedan style into modern design. There will be two kind series: the coupe and the original sedan. Both are improved with the good style, enhanced exterior and interior, and the powerful engine with its best performance. The good thing about Honda is their spare part and dealers are easy to get. You will get the best service even after the sale. Of course, it will become a good thing for this series. Well, let’s see how amazing this sedan on its new modern touch!

2016 Honda Accord with the Smooth Design

You can see that the new 2016 Honda Accord sedan has its good design. It comes with the compact style using the sporty touch on the back and front appearance. This thing will always improve with the good style of the exterior appearance. The color variations of these Accord series are actually still on the calm color nuance. It brings the elegance on its appearance. Compared with the Honda Accord sedan 2016, the new improvement on the 2016 Accord sedan will bring you the new look on there.

Talking about the engine, the Honda Accord sedan reviews show that the 2016 series will use 3.five L 24-valve DOHC V6 engine. It’s a great engine that will produce at about 287 horsepower. The smooth riding sensation on this series are also become the priorities. Of course, you will get the good enhancement on each aspects from this car. The Honda Accord sedan for sale is also available on it launches date. You have to watch out on the release of these 2016 series.

2016 Honda Accord Price and Release Date

Taken from several sources, the price of the Accord 2016 series will start from $22105. It’s a good price range for the sporty car like this. The release date of this car is actually predicted on the mid-end 2016. The date is still become mystery. Honda is still keeping the release date information for this car. You can get the amazing riding experience with this car. Well, hope this post about the new 2016 Honda Accord sedan will bring you a new information.

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